Shipping label Template

Generate this document with a simple API request. Post JSON and get a PDF back.

Shipping Label (4x3)
Document generated using default styling
Shipping Label (4x3)
Generated using a custom font

Example JSON

Below is the JSON used to create the shipping label above. All of the attributes within the data parameter are non mandatory. Supply only what you want to populate on the document.

To give this a quick test, copy the JSON below and paste it into postman. Here is a quick start on using postman. You will need to grab your API key from the dashboard first.

    "template": "shipping_label_4x3",
    "data": {
        "logo": "",
        "from": "360 Footwear, 787 Brunswick, Los Angeles CA 50028",
        "to": {
            "name": "Casey Williams",
            "address1": "57 Parkway, 5th Floor",
            "address2": "New York",
            "address3": "NY 10013",
            "address4": "USA"
        "reference": "1893",
        "weight": "1.5KG",
        "barcode": "18935949030329293"


It's super easy to change the look and feel of the shipping label to better align with your own branding. You can insert your own logo by simply supplying a URL to your logo. If you don't want to display a logo, just leave it from your request.

By default, all documents are generated using Roboto font and a base size of 0.8rem. You can specify a custom font like so:

    "template": "shipping_label_4x3",
    "font": "Nunito",
    "font_size": 0.9,
    "font_color": "#32325d",
    "data" : {...}

Generate as PDF or PNG

By default all templates are generated as a PDF document. If you would like to generate as a PNG image, supply the file_type parameter in your API request:

    "template": "shipping_label_4x3",
    "file_type": "png",
    "data" : {...}

Need a custom template?

If you need a custom template please contact us to see if we can assist. If you prefer to build your own templates and require more flexibility, be sure to try our HTML to PDF API. We are using the same HTML to PDF API to generate the shipping label above!

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