A simple pricing structure

We don't charge extra for large documents. We operate a simple per document pricing model.



  • 50 documents
  • HTML to PDF Conversion
  • Templates
  • Image Generation
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$9 / mo

  • 500 documents
  • HTML to PDF Conversion
  • Templates
  • Image Generation
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$19 / mo

  • 1,000 documents
  • HTML to PDF Conversion
  • Templates
  • Image Generation
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$39 / mo

  • 3,000 documents
  • HTML to PDF Conversion
  • Templates
  • Image Generation
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HTML to PDF conversion API Basic Starter Professional Business
High quality vector PDF
Post raw HTML or a URL
JavaScript support
CSS3 support
Custom fonts
Scalable Vector Graphics
Templates API Basic Starter Professional Business
Use of all templates
PDF and PNG formats
Screenshot API Basic Starter Professional Business
Chrome rendering
Full page and responsive
Click elements before capture
Inject custom CSS
Integrations Basic Starter Professional Business
Zapier integration
Email Basic Starter Professional Business
Send via email
Show email delivery status
Barcode API Basic Starter Professional Business
1D barcodes
QR codes

Frequently Asked Questions

Have a specific question? Check out our API documentation or contact us.

How do you ensure privacy?

Any document stored is automatically deleted forever after 48 hours. We also provide a delete endpoint that allows you to delete a document immediately after retrieval. Documents can also be returned as a base64 string so that they are not persisted to storage. Docamatic is GDPR compliant and we adhere to security best practices.

What are the use cases for the Docamatic?

There are many possible use cases! For example, generating invoices, receipts, shipping labels, certificates, reports, name badges, barcode labels, legal documents, financial reports, reports with charts.

What programming languages you support?

Docamatic provides a platform independent REST API. This means that any web connected application can utilize our web service to generate documents, screenshots and barcodes.

Where do documents get stored?

We use Amazon S3 to store files that are not being returned as a base64 string. All documents are automatically deleted after 48 hours and can be deleted before then if desired.

Are my credit card details safe?

Yes. Your credit card details never touch our servers. All payments are handled by Stripe (see detailed security information).

Can I pay annually instead of monthly?

Yes. If you choose annual billing, the total price of your subscription will be 15% lower than the total amount you would pay for a monthly subscription.

Do you send alerts when I am breaching or close to going over my monthly API request limit?

Yes we automatically notify you via email at 50%, 75%, 95% and 100% of your monthly usage. To prevent requests being blocked, you can choose to enable overages on your account.

When converting HTML or capturing a screenshot does my page need to be publicly available?

No, you can send the raw HTML or protect the page using basic HTTP auth.

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