Generate PDF documents from HTML or templates

Fast, scalable, and reliable PDF and image generation for developers and businesses.

Invoice PDF Document

Convert HTML to PDF

Generate high quality PDF documents using your own HTML. Simply provide a URL or HTML and let us do the work. Supports custom fonts and JavaScript.

HTML to PDF demo

        # Generate a PDF document from HTML

    "source": "HTML or URL here...",
    "format": "A4",
  	"name": "Daily Report"

Build faster with templates

Ready to go templates for invoices, packing slips, shipping labels and more. Post JSON and get a PDF document back. No document design to worry about!

See templates

Document Templates Screenshot

Send via email

Emailing your PDF document at the time of creation is trivial. Supply an email address in your API request and we will send the generated PDF as an attachment.

        # Generate and email PDF document

    "source": "",
    "email": {
        "to": "",
        "subject": "July Invoice"

Automate with no code

Save time and streamline your workflow by eliminating manual processes. Docamatic's integration with Zapier allows you to auto generate PDFs without writing any code!

See Zapier integration

Document Templates Screenshot

Keep track of your API requests

Monitor API usage and see the status of your webhooks from a simple dashboard.

Docamatic API Usage Dashboard

PDF Generation API

Easy to Integrate. Get Started For Free.

Let us help with generating your PDF documents and take the burden off your infrastructure. Get started on our free tier, no credit card required.

HTML to PDF Conversion

Highly accurate browser rendered PDF documents. Supports web fonts, flexbox, charts, SVG and page breaks.

Document Templates

Create professional PDF documents fast. Convert JSON to PDF. Templates for invoices, packing slips and more.

Developer Friendly

Our intuative REST API was built with simplicity in mind. Convert HTML to PDF with a single parameter.


Our PDF API is powered by a serverless architecture capable of processing thousands of parallel requests at a time.

Privacy Focused

Choose if and how long your PDF documents should be stored or save them directly to your own S3 bucket.

Cost Effective

Predictable monthly subscription with no surprises. We don't charge extra for large PDF documents.

Docamatic is trusted by hundreds of businesses to generate their PDF documents

We looked for a long time for a simple but effective API to allow us to generate high quality PDF documents without having to write a large amount of clunky CSS. Docamatic is the perfect solution, it was super easy to implement, works great and the support is second to none!

Kieran Headley
Kieran Headley
Co-Founder, Hike

Before Docamatic, we were always having formatting issues with our custom PDF invoices. Using their API and templates, we've been able to completely forget about invoices and focus on our core business.

We use Docamatic to generate PDFs out of email invoices and receipts. This allows our team to save valuable time, and to have all of our records in order for compliance purposes. The service integrates with Zapier and it works like a charm! It has been truly "set and forget" and that is what I'm always after.

Pablo Farías Navarro
Pablo Farías Navarro
Founder, Zenva

Docamatic eliminated the need to install resource hungry PDF packages on our production server. Great API, great admin panel, easy to use templates, lots of options supported. System really well thought out and great customer support!

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