Commercial Invoice Template

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Commercial Invoice

Example JSON

Below is the JSON used to create the commercial invoice above. All the attributes within the data parameter are non-mandatory. Supply only what you want to populate on the document.

    "template": "commercial_invoice",
    "data": {
        "type": "Commercial Invoice",
        "logo": "",
        "invoice_number": "CI-43726",
        "airwaybill": "93763111837",
        "export_date": "Feb-29-2024",
        "export_reference": "ORD32829",
        "exporter_name": null,
        "exporter_company": "Acme",
        "exporter_address1": "57 West 57th Street",
        "exporter_address2": null,
        "exporter_city": "New York",
        "exporter_state": "NY",
        "exporter_zip": "10451",
        "exporter_country": "USA",
        "exporter_telephone": "+1 212-608-5983",
        "exporter_eori": "4832882",
        "consignee_name": null,
        "consignee_company": "DeSports",
        "consignee_address1": "Gotzkowskystra\u00dfe 98",
        "consignee_address2": null,
        "consignee_city": "Olsberg",
        "consignee_state": "Nordrhein-Westfalen",
        "consignee_zip": "59939",
        "consignee_country": "DE",
        "consignee_telephone": "+49 2904 43 80 34",
        "consignee_eori": "1270221736",
        "buyer_name": null,
        "buyer_company": null,
        "buyer_address1": null,
        "buyer_address2": null,
        "buyer_city": null,
        "buyer_state": null,
        "buyer_zip": null,
        "buyer_country": null,
        "buyer_telephone": null,
        "buyer_eori": null,
        "country_of_export": "USA",
        "reason_for_export": "Goods Sold",
        "country_of_ultimate_destination": "Germany",
        "items": [
                "goods_description": "T-Shirt",
                "country_of_manufacture": "China",
                "hs_code": "583948392",
                "unit_of_measure": "EA",
                "qty": "100",
                "unit_weight": "0.1",
                "unit_value": "10.00",
                "total_value": "1000.00"
                "goods_description": "Shorts",
                "country_of_manufacture": "China",
                "hs_code": "583948392",
                "unit_of_measure": "EA",
                "qty": "100",
                "unit_weight": "0.1",
                "unit_value": "10.00",
                "total_value": "1000.00"
        "invoice_total": "2000.00",
        "currency": "USD",
        "total_packages": "4",
        "total_weight": "20KG",
        "incoterm": "DAP",
        "signature": "",
        "name": "John Smith",
        "signatory_company": "Acme",
        "date_signed": "Feb-29-2024",
        "color": "#000000"


It's easy to change the look and feel of the commercial invoice. The template API allows you to easily insert your own logo and specify a custom font.

    "template": "commercial_invoice",
    "font": "Open Sans",
    "font_size": 0.9,
    "font_color": "#32325d",
    "data" : {...}

Generate as PDF or Image

By default all templates are generated as a PDF document. If you would like to generate as a PNG or WEBP image, supply the file_type parameter in your API request:

    "template": "commercial_invoice",
    "file_type": "png",
    "data" : {...}

Auto Generate Commercial Invoices with Zapier

Not a developer? No problem! Docamatic's Zapier integration allows you to easily generate commercial invoices without coding.

Zapier and Docamatic

Need a custom template?

If you prefer to build your own templates or require more flexibility, be sure to try our HTML to PDF API . We are using the same HTML to PDF API to generate the commercial invoice above!

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